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Local. UK manufacturer. One man - discusses, designs, measures, fits. We have a showroom display within our main business Pygmalion Interiors where you can see samples of doors, glass, frames, realistic installations, and interiors.

Pygmalion Interiors was established in August 1995 and grew from providing purely fabric, wallpaper, curtains and blinds to the "anything you want doing" business it is today.


In 2010 we added sliding wardrobe doors to that portfolio, but only really for our existing clients, or clients where we were doing the whole, or a large part of the house.  Now it's a stand alone business and anyone can take advantage of our service.

we're practical, and we listen  

You can have what you want, although this doesn't mean we'll hesitate to give you our professional

expertise and guidance, which has built up over the years. If your ideas won't work or will look daft we will tell you, politely. You can still have it, if you want. You only see one person, the same man who will measure, order and fit. No excuses, no other departments.

Where we demolish the competition simply on all the other additional services we can offer. 
We can trim carpets, or provide you with a new one. We have a whole interior
design department to meet any other home improvements you may later desire.


We can trim/repair/replace skirting or coving. We can paint.  We can hang pictures while we are there. 
We can reupholster stools, make you a new headboard. Need a new blind? Perhaps a new pole?  New curtains?

We have them all under one roof.

and, what differentiates us? 

What is the difference with our wardrobe sliding doors? Well, there's the way we work...


Local company, UK supplier. Genuine quality components, manufactured in the North of England.

We deliver quality in it's original meaning.  Our doors do not hang, they sit in the floor track and will never just pop out, unless you want to take them out.


The product is robust. No warp. No wobble.

There are still companies out there supplying the same or similar quality product,
but we are different, because you only deal with one person. We are not driven by profit or turnover, we just need that to survive - we want to provide you with exactly what you want.


We are also trying to find you that truly unique design, not just copying every other job we have done. Quality, not quantity. We take pride in matching, toning or contrasting your existing décor,

or introducing you to something new.



We are happy to provide quotations so please email us with your requirements. We can provide you with a

guide price if you give us the width and height of the recess your doors need to fit in. (Due to the large

range of doors and options, we price on an individual project basis).

As a guide, you can allow £600 to supply and fit each door (so 3 doors around £1800)

or £950 per door and internal unit (so 3 doors and 3 units £2850).


Our prices always include VAT, delivery, tracks and everything - we don't hide costs.

We monitor emails all the time, this means that even if it's 8pm on a Wednesday night, 
we will still endeavour to

give you a speedy response. We believe quick is better than one-click to ensure you get what you want.


Orders can be paid for by credit card over the phone/in the showroom, or BACS.



Our wardrobe requirements were thoughtfully considered when it came to the design of the fittings & storage, all of which have met our needs. The installation, woodwork treatment, and finish were all that we could have wished for. My husband & I have no hesitation on recommending the company!

Lesley Hindle · 19 November 2017


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