• Doug

January Sale!

Updated: Jan 8

10% SALE! May not sound a lot but that's because it's truthful. If we did a '70% sale we would either be lying, ripping you off if you pay full price, or doing our best to go bankrupt.

So if you want a quality product at 10% less of the normal honest and fair price, you can email and we will get back to you. As a guide, you'll be looking at £540 to supply and fit a door, £855 to supply and fit a unit and a door. So a 2 door system will be around £1080, 2 doors & 2 units £1710 (not £2160 as previous blog - apologies)

Whilst we are not open retail hours, we do make personal appointments for you to come and view the doors and the choices of materials. All doors and units are manufactured in the North of England using quality materials, not cheap imitations.